What They're Saying...

Jacky provided a first class training session yesterday.
Even though I have been networking for 10 years, Jacky still came up with ideas to improve my referral networking. Many thanks.

Ken Brown
Direct Route Collections Ltd

I would highly recommend Jacky and her courses. They are educational and informative and will get you thinking about your business and your vision.

Simon Cox

Jacky ran an excellent workshop that effectively demonstrated to a group of therapists how we could work synergistically to develop our businesses. I am sure that many productive business relationships will grow from this starting point.

Judith Hanson
Clinical Hypnotherapist

Jacky has an absolute passion for connecting people. She has the knack of drawing out hidden truths from your business as well as ensuring that networking activities are both structured and worthwhile. When I met Jacky I was passionate about my work but frustrated by a lack of clients. Now I'm on course to grow my business with Jacky's support and encouragement - I couldn't be more grateful and excited.

Judith Morris
Organised Chaos

Jacky has a passion to see businesses succeed, flourishing through trusted relationships and referral partnerships. Even during a short time, she helped me to discover and become connected to trusted partners and has provided me with objective and valuable coaching and mentoring. I would fully recommend Jacky to anyone seeking to grow their business.

Simon Badman

I have been to two of Jacky's courses and found them most enlightening. The last one was on 'Finding your Target Market' which enabled me to see similarities in my client base I had not spotted. This means I can adjust my sales & marketing strategy to be far more successful as actually targeting the right kind of potential referral partners and clients! Have to say this is just one of the gems I realised during these courses - Jacky is excellent at providing those 'Ah-ha' moments she talks about!

Ellen Willoughby
All About Quality

For the last three years Jacky has shown me the power of referrals and how it can improve business. Jacky has shown me how to find the right referral partners, how to educate them in terms of what I am looking for and how to motivate them.

 I can't recommend more highly Jacky and the Referral Institute Referrals for Life programme

I ‘ve just come back from a week’s rest on the IOW and rearing to go again having had my fix of sea air.

Some good news, I have come back to 2 new referrals, both wanting appointments this week, and 2 referral partners wanting to introduce me to 2 new contacts who they believe I ought to know.

Just shows what happens when you put your  referral training into practice !

I did very little last week apart from enjoying some lovely walks with my lovely wife and dog.

 Thank you Jacky

Roger Eddowes. Managing Partner
Chancery Accounts and Tax

Wow; Where to start.... Jacky consistently deliveries great workshops, one to one training and coaching on-line, via her blog and off-line as well. I personally had one of those "light bulb moments" whilst at one of her Referral Institute Workshops - Work and Life changed that day for the better; Thank you Jacky

Stephen Roberts
Cand R technologies

Who wouldn't want to be in a room full of potential referrers being taught how to build relationships and refer in a much more effective way? That's you right? Then get in touch with Jacky and book yourself on to one of her sector/industry specific courses and shift the way you are generating leads to a much more effective approach.

Paul Green

I have used Jacky's services on two occasions and would thoroughly recommend Jacky (especially to my legal colleagues out there) if you are looking at new and innovative ways to attract more clients.

One of the key benefits of engaging Jacky is that she will provide an insightful forum for you to self reflect and analyse what is working well in your business and what can improved.

Key "Aha" (but of course moments) included using jargon free language when out networking (in other words using language that a seven year old would understand when describing your business) and sharing success stories where appropriate as a powerful marketing tool to convey your unique selling point.

Austin Ogbata
Business Dispute Resolution and Employment Law Solicitor

I was lucky enough to be invited to one of Jacky's Referral Institute sessions by Paul Green from NN coNNect. I thoroughly enjoyed being there and had a number of light bulb moments where I realised a few things that hadn't been obvious before. Simple things that we all gloss over, but when you look at things and think about them in details it all falls into place.

I would highly recommend Jacky's course and will in fact be talking to Jacky myself with a view to hopefully taking the course too.

Jill Furnevall
Re Draw Ltd

I attended Jacky's referral course and found it extremely useful. It focussed a lot deeper on my reasons for being in business and made me to think about my referral partners. I would highly recommend this course to other small business owners.

Emily Keale. Owner
Online ToolBox Ltd

Jacky brought together the benefits of referral marketing in a clear, thought provoking and well structured sessions to assist in identifying well thought out marketing and referral strategies. The concept is not new but the way Jacky delivered it and unpicked the threads and growth potential was inspiring. The importance of the close business relationship with referral partners and how you foster and develop these over time is invaluable thank you.

Caroline Robertson Owner
Employment Law Support

Jacky cuts through the bull and gets straight to the heart of the problem.

She is a complete expert in her field and passes on her knowledge with a generosity and honesty, rarely seen.

I look forward to working more with Jacky and the inevitable success that will bring.

Damien O'Dwyer
Business Growth Ltd

Jackie has an large network of contacts, and in parallel to this, she provides an excellent strategy to grow your own network.

Her seminar was an absolute eye opener for me and generated a lot of ideas to take away, not to mention the additional contacts I networked with on the day. Highly recommended contact to approach and work with to ultimately gain more business

Kevin Cocoran
Macs Software Ltd

Another great workshop from Jacky. This one should be compulsory for all business owners, particularly, of course, those who plan to build their business through networking and strategic alliances.

Kerry Newman Owner
Content.ed LTd

I recently attended Jacky's referral pipeline course which truly opened my eyes to the importance of referring in the correct way. I had many a light bulb moment throughout the day and came away from the course inspired, motivated but most importantly with a clear strategic plan of action. Thank you Jacky.

Stacey Aston
Astons Solicitors

I recently attended one of Jacky's training courses with one of my team. The course focused on developing and cultivating our existing network, identifiying our target market and also consolidating our company vision. Well delivered, very interesting and hugely helpful, there were many moments during the morning where both Rebecca and I realised that there were little things we could do to tweak our current methods to encourage maximum outcome. Jacky's indepth knowledge of referral marketing and her ability to make us think about our business in a different way were second to none. Both Rebecca and I will continue with the follow on course and the rest of the team are about to start their training with Jacky. In short, Jacky provides a very clear, effective marketing strategy centred on working with ones existing business contacts.

Charlotte Sykes, Managing Director
Sykes and Co Recruitment

Joining the Referral Institute has been one of my best business decisions.

Jacky Sherman’s training and support has proved invaluable and has shown me how I can network efficiently and use my contacts to generate referrals.

28 new clients in 6 months. Amazing! Thanks Jacky, I owe you a lot.

Roger Eddowes
Chancery Accounts and Tax

I went on Jacky’s Referrals for Life course at the beginning of this year because although I generated nearly all of my business through referrals, I was not getting as much business as I would have liked. In week one Jacky made me see that I needed to differentiate myself from my competitors as I was trying to be all things to all people which is difficult to refer to. Jacky drilled down into what I was passionate about and why and taught me how to effectively communicate that to the people I meet. Now I am beginning to be known as my niche, Giving financial peace of mind to people getting divorced, and I am meeting with people who are able to introduce me to potential clients. I am more focussed, driven and doing more of what interests me. I have a long way to go but luckily I have Jacky to support me in this year to enable me to get there.

Samantha John
Paradigm Financial Planning

I attended Jackie's introduction to the Referral Institute Networking Skills Workshops and found the event very thought provoking. If everyone networked in the way that Jackie teaches there would be great success and less time wasting in many businesses. Thanks Jackie for your insights - I am already implementing your suggestions with great results.

Liz Coulter
Splash Out Accessories

Jacky’s expertise in referral marketing is consistent with the approach we adopt with our clients at My Marketing Delivered - practical support based on experience. I would recommend Jacky’s Referral Success 101 workshop as an excellent step in ensuring your referral marketing strategies are more effective and aligned with your wider marketing activities.

Nimish Sawjani
Sawjani Marketing

I attended a course run by Jacky on how to get the best from your referral network. Like many things in business, it wasn't rocket science but it was presented in such a way that I was able to extract the parts that were most relevant to me. Consequently, I expect it to make a difference to my strategy and ultimately a positive outcome.

Malcolm Sackman
Sackman and Co. Accountant

Jacky's referral course was good value for money and I learned a lot. It was a great opportunity to really focus on who I should concentrate on to get referrals instead of the rather hit and miss and woolly approach I had been taking. Jacky made the course interactive with plenty of opportunities to ask questions plus learn from the experiences of other delegates. There was a real buzz in the room. I recommend the course highly.

Marian Chapman
Fusion Creative Marketing

I recently attended Jacky's new Referral Success 101 Workshop. I found the session very useful – an ideal time to concentrate on the business and how I can find more referrals from my existing network of contacts. My entire business, over thirteen years, has been built on word-of-mouth referrals so I found it very interesting hearing new ideas on how to take that to the next step. I look forward to attending some of your future seminars and will have no hesitation in recommending others.

Angela Rhodes
Crispin Rhodes HR Consultancy