About Us

 We believe that you will be more successful in business for yourself, your people and your customers if you work with other  people in a referral community that shares a common sense of purpose and ideals.


We are renowned for providing state of the art knowledge and support and are the first port of call for local companies seeking help to grow their business through their business relationships.

Our team demonstrates how this is done through their own actions and successful referral partnerships.

Our clients cover a wide spectrum of local specialists, committed to working together to achieve their life ambitions.

We contribute to their success and make a difference to the long term prosperity of the county and surrounding areas.

We know we've succeeded when our clients say:

  “The Referral Institute helped me find my place in the 

Northamptonshire  Business Community! “




We are proud to play our part in the Referral Institute’s world wide vision.

 To be the world’s leader helping entrepreneurs create Referrals For Life®. Creating Referrals For Life® means that our clients will be working within communities of like-minded entrepreneurs to:

1.Work with the type of people you enjoy

2.Eliminate cold calls

3.Have the Life style you deserve


Referrals For Life® is not just a marketing technique, it’s a life style.